20 Best ways to increase Adsense Earnings

There’re many methods to earn money by online means. If you’re in the field of content creation and want to reach the horizons of success, we suggest you make your way to AdSense. Just publish your ads through this unique source and play with bucks. Having a site without ads on it seems like a boring idea. The reason? People these days are always in search of new products and innovative ideas. That’s why AdSense pops up here.

No doubt there’re multiple strategies to earn money with the help of AdSense. But you need to know some of the significant ways by which you can increase your earnings.



20 Strategies to Earn More With AdSense

Considering the emerging demand for AdSense earnings, we have come across some proven strategies you need to know before spending your AdSense efforts. So let’s make our ways straight to the list of ways by which you can earn a significant number of bucks.


1. Traffic and location matters the most

Ads that attract direct traffic aren’t as much as effective as compared to those who drive the traffic from the search engines. The CPC and traffic sources matter the most. So try to target your traffic from countries such as U.S.A and U.K.


2. Wise Images and Texts

The content you post holds a significant place in increasing your earnings. It’s believed that image ads play a leading role in more income. But by blocking the ad type and ad category, you can bring more traffic to your ads.


3. Proper Ad Placement

The way how you place the ads tells you everything about the incoming earnings. Try to put your ads on those site areas where there are more chances to get visible.


4. Edit the Design of Ads

The design and the format of the ads also play the most crucial role in boosting your earning. Many factors which you need to keep in mind while creating your ad. Try to use complimenting colors so that it can hook the eyes of the visitors to the content.


5. Keep a Check on Results

If you don’t dare to check your ads’ activity from time to time, there’s hardly a chance that you’ll get some money. Try to keep concerned about the ad activity on your sites. If the added format is working, try to publish the following content in the same manner.


6. Create More Content

If you’re holing a blogger platform, the only possible way to have significant earnings is to write more content. It’s evident that the more you register or create content, the more your website will flourish. This will end up in filling up your account with money.


7. Video Content Catches Traffic

Besides images, videos are more common these days. Most of the visitors want to know more and more about the video ads. Thus, make sure to create video content as much as you can. This will boost up the traffic at your site.


8. Insert Common Keywords

Keywords play the leading role in boosting the traffic control of your content. So keep an eye on the right types of keywords that can increase your Adsense income within months.


9. Enhance the Engagement Metrics

Many tips can increase the engagement of people and your site. Thus the more the engagement, the more will be the chances to earn through Adsense.


10. Innovative Revenue Streams

Bring creative ways in your revenue streams as this strategy is getting popular day by among the publishers. Try to display your ads through the affiliate revenues or vice versa. In this way, you can earn more as compared to what you lose.


11. Select Right Ads

Posting ads irrelevant to your blog’s content can take away the interest of users from your site. This is why most bloggers tend to post relevant only to the content they use to post.


12. Utilize the AdSense Channels

AdSense Channels play a significant role in helping you to check the performance of your ads. This is the reason the majority of bloggers track the performance of their ads by using AdSense Channels. It suits the best for those who want to increase their earnings in less time.


13. Place Ads On The Top

If you’re aimed to post short and precise content on your site, try to place your ads on the top of the article. This will hook to the eyes of the readers at the very first look.


14. Insert Ads Between Posts

If your article is of medium to considerable length, it’s most appropriate to post the content in between the posts. A long continuous read without any creative material seems quite dull. So don’t let your readers get bored.


15. Target the Audience

If you publish the ads irrelevant to the interest of your targeted audience, there’s hardly a chance that they’ll respond to your ads. So don’t dare to post the ads out of the concerns of your targeted audience.


16. Use Category Blocking

Category blocking is one of the best ways to increase your earning through publishing ads via AdSense. You can use this feature to block the ads that perform poorly and post more content similar to that which is performing better.


17. Use AdSense for YouTube

It’s not necessary to use AdSense only when you’re a content writer. If you have a YouTube channel, you can add ads to your videos as well. This will also act as a significant way to increase your income.


18. Don’t Overdo Ads

Excess of everything is terrible. So don’t post excessive ads on your blog, which will fade away the readers’ interest in your site.


19. Experiment with the Size of Ad

Experiment leads to the most yielding outcomes. So try to experiment with the size of your ads. Place some ads in the horizontal axis while others in the vertical axis to bring some innovation.


20. Insert Interesting Banners

Try to attract visitors by inserting a call to action. This can be done by using attractive banners at the start of your ads. It’s one of the best ways to boost up the interest of visitors to your site.


Time to Increase Your Income

AdSense has become one of the most common ways to become a millionaire or billionaire in months. Some of the proven methods are mentioned above. You can adapt them to your plans and earn more money.